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Mark Rose Digital Marketing CRM Geo Farming Google Ads Management Automation AI CampaignsGroupiehead is owned and operated by Mark Rose. Mark has been working for clients for 23+ years in the fields of website development, graphic design, 3d modeling, illustration, social media, paid marketing, video production, and more.

Mark is the author of book, Small Business Guide to Self-Marketing.

“After working on PPC and Google Ads campaigns with clients for many years, I found that many don’t have the time to nurture that leads that come in. Groupiehead Pro is an automated CRM that will do all the work for you. In fact, it’s such a great tool, I use it myself for my business. And to help clients even more, I designed various Groupiehead Pro packages that allow me to work for my clients at an “1099” freelance employee capacity to help ensure their marketing efforts are at their best.”

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